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In the event a loved on passes on, their estate is gathered, managed, and properly distributed. Estate administration involves a process of identifying the assets of the estate, taking care of any debts the decedent may have, and distributing the assets that remain in the estate in accordance with the will.

This process of estate administration is called "probate". This process is important to properly ensure the assets and property of your loved one, known as the "estate," is passed to his or her heirs and legatees (people named in the will). The entire process, supervised by the probate court, usually takes about a year. However, substantial distributions from the estate can be enacted in the interim.

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The emotional trauma of loosing a family member, especially when their is a close bond, can be a difficult enough thing to deal with. Adding to the emotional turmoil, family members begin realize they must deal with the financial and legal steps regarding the estate. This can be especially difficult if the spouses deceased partner was the one who normally handled all of the couples finances, or a child must begin taking care of probating an estate, which he or she knows little about. In some situation the estate assets and property may be in disarray or scattered among many accounts, which is not unusual with a generation that saw banks collapse during the Great Depression.

Fort Myers Law will help set a manageable course which the surviving family members should take to help ensure the estate administration and probate goes as smoothly as possible. The duties of estate administrator and their responsibilities ultimately fall on whoever was appointed executor or personal representative in the deceased family member's will. In the absence of a will, it can be a bit more complicated and confusing because it may not be clear who has the ultimate responsibility of carrying out the necessary steps and duties in estate administration and probate legal matters.

Fort Myers Law aggressively defends the legal rights of those who require professional estate administration legal needs, while addressing all related issues that should be taken into consideration when involved in estate administration legal issues.

We can assist you in understanding the estate administration and probate legal process which you must follow, which typically includes:

Some of these steps may be eliminated by avoiding probate through joint ownership or trusts. However, whoever is left in charge still has to pay all debts, file tax returns, and distribute the property to the rightful heirs. You can make it easier for your heirs by keeping good records of your assets and liabilities. This will shorten the process and reduce the legal bill.

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